Arcivescovile – Scuola Paritaria Cattolica

Secondaria 2° grado

EN – Liceo Internazionale LIA



LIA guarantees the development of strong linguistic abilities in three modern languages: English, German and Spanish through full immersion language classes and the extensive use of CLIL. Teachers are native speakers or they have had significant experiences abroad.

Apart from other usual subjects which are considered as important, LIA offers an excellent programme in Law and Economics which provides students with a deep understanding of the world of business, finance, national and international laws.

key strengths

  • English is spoken everywhere at LIA. Not only is it used in class, but in many areas of the school: the Deputy Head’s office, the reception, the administration office, the canteen.
  • All fourth year students attend the Sixth Form College at All Hallows Catholic School in Farnham (England) for the whole school year. They are enrolled as year 12 students and sit the same exams as British students at the end of their courses. In England students are constantly supervised by a personal tutor who is permanently present in the school and who will take care of and assist the students at all times.
  • Every year students are given the opportunity to go abroad and experience total language immersion in the place where the language (English, German and Spanish) is spoken. In fact, first year students visit the USA, second year students visit Spain, and third year students visit Austria and Germany (thanks to a well-established exchange programme with a Grammar School in Passau).
  • Finally, fifth year students make one final trip in Italy where activities in English and German are organized to give them further opportunities to practice the languages.
  • LIA provides students with adequate linguistic abilities to proceed to a wide range of universities both in Italy and abroad.
  • Students are also strongly encouraged to get official language certificates:
    • ENGLISH: Cambridge Certificate (PET B1, FCE B2, CAE C1, CPE C2) LIA is a registered Cambridge exam centre, authorized to administer and conduct Cambridge ESOL examinations
    • GERMAN: Goethe Institute Certificate (Zertifikat B1, B2, C1)
    • SPANISH: Cervantes Certificate (DELE, B1, B2, C1)


Italian and Italian literature4444
Latin and Latin literature22--
History and Geography use of CLIL33--
History **--22
Philosophy **--22
Natural Science2222
History of art--22
Law and Economics2222
Physical Education use of CLIL2222
Total weekly hours32323333

*All fourth year students attend the Sixth Form College at All Hallows Catholic School in Farnham (England), they are enrolled as year 12 students and they attend their classes together with their English peers. At All Hallows Catholic School, students attend English, German and Spanish and they also select other courses, according to their personal interests, for example Biology, History, Philosophy, Business and Mathematics.

**Modules in English or German