Arcivescovile – Scuola Paritaria Cattolica




LIA (Liceo Internazionale Arcivescovile) provides high quality education that prepares our students to face the challenges of our increasingly multicultural and global world. For this reason, LIA offers students a unique educational experience abroad, in fact, all our fourth-year students spend a whole year studying in Great Britain. This unique project started in 2009 and since then students have strongly benefited from it. In 2022 LIA started a new partnership with HSDC Alton College, in England.

During the entire year in Great Britain, LIA enhances the students’ development and supports them very closely. LIA teachers also prepare students for their fourth year abroad and then help them when they come back to Italy for their fifth and final year of high school.

LIA provides students with the academic skills and abilities necessary to proceed to a wide range of universities both in Italy and abroad. We provide services to help students apply for undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Universities and Colleges in the UK, through UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). Your reference to submit your application will be completed by one of LIA’s teachers.

We aim to form highly educated students, but also responsible, mature and open-minded young adults. This is why we particularly value the relationship between the school staff, the students and their families, thus creating an educational community based on shared values that guide students towards a fulfilling adult life, developing both their academic and personal skills.

School subjects

Our curriculum allows students to reach high language proficiency in three modern languages (English, German and Spanish) as well as to acquire a good preparation in scientific subjects, particularly Law and Economics which is taught from the first to the fifth year. This ambitious goal is achieved through the wide use of CLIL; in fact, many non-linguistic subjects are taught by means of a foreign language. Finally, when attending their fourth year in England, they can personalize their school curriculum, choosing some subjects according to their personal interests, hence even scientific subjects.